We'll help you find health insurance that's right
for your business


Looking for a self-funded or fully insured plan?

Vicary Insurance Agency in Erie, Pennsylvania has you covered. We offer a full line of PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), POS (Point of Service) and indemnity plans from a variety of carriers, including high-deductible plans and 105 CDHP (Consumer Driven Health Plans).

Each company has different specifics that must be analyzed. We customize plans to meet your group's particular needs including plan design, implementation, education and renewal.

Our licensed staff will assist the various carriers in the enrollment process and continue to provide support to your group and their families during the transition or plan design changes and

adjustments. Our staff is always there to assist with any problems that may arise. As the ever-changing marketplace continues to move in various directions, you can rest assured that we are working hard to provide you the highest quality products with the most competitive pricing.

Our goal is simple - we help our clients obtain the most coverage for the lowest possible price. We also work very hard to educate you and your employees on how to reduce overall claims costs, while getting the most value from your provider.