Keep your employees smiling with dental insurance


Vicary Insurance Agency in Erie, Pennsylvania offers a full line of dental plans that include fully insured, self-funded, PPO, DMO (dental maintenance organization) and voluntary dual options that provide flexibility and cost savings on a pre-tax basis.

Dental insurance typically is viewed as an added benefit by employees' families with minimal cost to the employer. Studies show that good oral health also protects overall health.

If you do not want to provide a fully funded dental program, Vicary Insurance suggests offering a voluntary dental plan to all employees. Employees view this as an added benefit at no cost to the employer. This is a big plus for the employer as well as the employee.

With a voluntary option, employees can pick the plan they deem the best and pay with pre-tax dollars. Vicary Insurance offers assistance in obtaining dental as well as other insurances for your business. See our list of insurance products or fill out our online form to request a quote today!